Harsh terrain!

A few nights ago I was lying in my warm, cosy bed listening to the roar of gale force winds whistling around my house thinking what it would be like being in such weather in a small tent camped on the side of Everest. That is what climbers there can experience! I can’t imagine how scary…Read more »

The first challenge!

  The first challenge when climbing Everest is scaling the Khumbu Icefall. It is described as one of the most dangerous parts of the ascent. It is where the Western Cwm glacier of higher up becomes a gushing river of frozen ice constantly moving at about one metre a day as it is squeezed through the mouth of the…Read more »

Support Team!

I can’t imagine climbing a mountain alone. I never have! In fact, I don’t do many things alone. I am one of those people who loves working in a team! When I started running about 14 years ago, I ran in a group called the Histon Hobblers. It is a local running group set up…Read more »

Mountain climbing!

I’ve always loved mountains! The first mountains I ever saw as a child were in Scotland where we went on camping holidays. In teenage years we visited the Alps where whole ranges of snow-capped mountains dominated the landscape.  They impressed me then and they still do today. On a recent trip to Scotland, my daughter…Read more »